Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pffft 2012/13.....2014, welcome!

Where to start other than the proverbial 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'. How cliche that I'm re-dedicating myself to my blog on New Years Eve. (yuck!)

I feel like we've pulled from blogging (unless you're making insane money...or money at all!) and moved to the one liner (sometimes 2) of FB status or instagram pictures, which require little to no form of communication. 

I'm not judging....that's where I've been spending my time. :|

I will admit I've thought of doing a blog post here and there. 2012/13 has been rough for me in the friends/family/feelers department. It ranges from relatives/friends that could give a ratatouille's behind about me or my children/husband or  friends or family making sure we knew we weren't invited to family/friend gathering or to family/friend that is just unaware of how they influence. 

It's also included a self awarness or searching for what I've been creating or destroying. Like I said...it's been full of friend/family/feelers. 

Writing posts has been something I was thinking of however,....it was a choice not to blog so as to not start a war of words. To not be assuming. To not lay it out for the universe to hear. And my BIGGEST reason was being passive aggressive by just blogging it, is not how I roll. I would rather talk with the person and resolve. Or how I unfortunately took care of it....just giving everyone space. Passive Aggressive is probably my biggest pet peeve. (yes, I get the irony of me giving everyone their space)

I read a blog post today, which has literally inspired me to just move forward. It's at living well spending less. She was giving her experience of school/family/stress. She said: 

So there ya go! I'm taking a hard right! I'm going to hopefully create a better tomorrow. I'm nervous about it. I don't have a plan on how to do it, I don't know what the results of others will be....but I know what my goal is, and sometimes that's the hardest part. 

I've also made a self awarness that no one is believing. I am an introvert camouflaging it as an extrovert....makes relationships MUCH harder and confusing, I'm sure, for the other party. That's the hurdle. yay.  (that's for another post)

The names I give will never be the actual names. If I share an experience....there's some anonymity. 

Stay tuned.... it's gonna be good!   


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Somthing NEW, Somthing Borrowed and Something Blue............

You would think I'm getting married by the above post title....but no way Jose!!! I'm loving the one I married and am good!!
This is me being a little more vulnerable than I'd really like to be and doing something a little different in hopes of being successful!
I've started a new blog. I started two other blogs in the past, but either made them private and a handful of people could view or made them completely private and only my cousin and husband were allowed to read. Those are both deleted....I failed at them.
This one is out in the open, for anyone to read. It's my 'diet journal' if you will. I've been on a quest to get my weight down, not just for the looks, but so that I can do my part to stay here on earth with my kids and Jason. I am taking my health very serious and just wanting to do/show a better way.
It is a struggle. (the something blue) Satan very much LOVES to beat a person down and will throw whatever my way to stumble me. I recognize some of those things...and have been working to push them aside.
It is a new diet. (the something new) It's the HCG (homeopathic version) and it's intense to say the least. I hate diets. I don't completely believe in them...but as you may or may not read (on my blog), I have to be drastic to reset my body and the way it works.
I could use the encouragement and positive vibes. (the something borrowed) Knowing that others care fills my cup. Knowing someone else may either have the same struggle or that mine is assisting them fills the cup as well. I honestly don't want to hear about so and so...I'd love to hear about your thoughts/feelings/experiences.
I've kept a lot of things I do a secret. I don't like being told what to do or "if you would just do...." and so keeping things a secret seemed the way to go. That didn't work, so I'm choosing not to be insane and share and be vulnerable. (hate that!)
Don't feel obligated to read....if it's not of interest, that's fine! I only want the positive and encouraging. I want to be VERY careful....it's me making a big change and that can be tricky. The slightest thing can waiver me....so I want to be vigilant.
(see how vulnerable I've been....I even put a picture of just me! ACK!!!)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Changes are.................

...........Hard/Scary/Intense/Joyful/Exhausting and Reflective. That's been our last week. :)

Jason has changed jobs. His uncle has a business that sells/installs and repairs Coin operated laundry machines into apartment buildings, etc.. He worked for them when Ben was born and we were living in Spokane. His cousin Nathan runs the business on this end of the state.

Jason has been working here and there for them on his days off, just to make a little extra scratch. It has been such a blessing. They've gotten really busy over here and are ready to add another person to the mix. They offered it to Jason.

After making sure we would be covered and after A LOT of prayer, we made the switch. I say A LOT not because of the deal, or who we'd be working for, but because we wanted this...and I guess we're used to 'Nope, try again'. ;) It felt sooo odd to have Jason give his two weeks notice to Lowes. We thought we'd be there forever!

What we didn't expect and I feel Christmas masked a little, was the emotional dump we've had from quitting Lowes and having our new adventure start.

I was talking to Sam the other night about sharing experiences and feelings with us so we could assist him through the new wild frontier of adolescence and I said " sometimes feelings will come out of no where and knock you flat on your butt!"...............enter Jason quitting here. :)

We don't miss Lowes. We are not sad to have left. There are more feelings of relief. Jason will be able to go to church EVERY Sunday now, as well as have and fulfill a calling. This has been our prayer for months. We are relieved that we will have a better feel for when Jason will or won't be home. He'll be able to spend more time with ALL the kids, not just Sam at the gym. He and I can actually SET a date night! Good Good stuff!

We've been a little surprised that we are having to "integrate" him back into the family. NEITHER of us realized just how much Lowes was SUCKING the life out of us and our family. It is a testimony builder that the Lord is mindful of our righteous desires and always provides a way after all we can do. Sometimes it feels like Satan is winning. It feels like we are smacking into one wall after another.

A quote by Elder Holland keeps coming to mind: "The future of this world has long been declared, the final outcome between good and evil is already known. There is no question as to who wins because the victory has already been posted on the scoreboard. The only really strange thing in all of this is we are all still down here on the field trying to decide which team’s jersey we want to wear.”

Why I've been touched and in awe of His personal attention to the 'Seattle' Berezay's is beyond me. We've picked our jersey and have been working SO hard at being worthy of the Team.

Jason is amazing. He so very much deserves this change. He is very excited to be working with his family. He wants to make them proud. I am completely relieved for him and the chance to get to know his kids again. WE LOVE JASON!

So begins another chapter in our lives. A surprise ending as it were. ;)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What?!?! ;).................

I have oddly been asked lately why I haven't updated my blog?! I find that interesting because I honestly didn't think many read it. The BIGGER reason I'm grateful for the inquiry (because let's face it...who doesn't want to be missed!) is that I really need to keep a journal. Keeping track of our lives. I'm beginning to think it's the key to slowing our lives down a bit! (I am however coming up on my 400TH post!!!!)

The reason for my hiatus is we got on a fast fast track! Since my last post we:
  • Had a MAJOR flood in our home
  • Started Homeschooling....ME homeschooling! Oi!
  • I was called as the Primary Secretary
  • Jason changed jobs.

So yes...we got crazy!!! ;)

All of the above are going soo well though, so there are ZERO complaints! All my kids are progressing in their studies. We are catching issues (learning styles/not getting it) early and re-directing. I'm just so grateful the Lord has seen fit to bless me with the stamina to keep up with these 4 chillins. I thought running after 4 toddlers was hard!

I also have been wrestling/struggling and assessing with personal feelings about situations/family and mostly self. I just don't feel my blog/FB is the place to express such tender feelings.. So the desire/information and inspiration just hasn't been there.

I'm going to work really hard to do better. Mostly so my kids can have a journal. I also like seeing how I've grown in perspective. Since I started this blog, I was the tallest and there was a lot of crying and basic "don't hit"..'s occurring.

Thank you to those who noticed I was gone. Thank you for the inspiration. ;)

Christmas morning pictures to come!!! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Pictures..............

Yea us....we got family pictures done again!!! I love family pictures and wish we would do them every year...but we seem to skip a year or two! ;) We are so happy with our pictures and had fun doing them...the rain stayed right up until we finished then started raining. The dogs...well...they have limited photo ops...they were AWFUL!!! Our photographer did a great job getting the couple shots she did get. Can you see Jason's eyes in the one right below...yea, that's "where's the nearest dog shelter" look! ;) If you want a family picture/letter...email me your address. We are going to be sending out 'Back to School' letters instead of Christmas. one2manydiapers@hotmail.com


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