Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What?!?! ;).................

I have oddly been asked lately why I haven't updated my blog?! I find that interesting because I honestly didn't think many read it. The BIGGER reason I'm grateful for the inquiry (because let's face it...who doesn't want to be missed!) is that I really need to keep a journal. Keeping track of our lives. I'm beginning to think it's the key to slowing our lives down a bit! (I am however coming up on my 400TH post!!!!)

The reason for my hiatus is we got on a fast fast track! Since my last post we:
  • Had a MAJOR flood in our home
  • Started Homeschooling....ME homeschooling! Oi!
  • I was called as the Primary Secretary
  • Jason changed jobs.

So yes...we got crazy!!! ;)

All of the above are going soo well though, so there are ZERO complaints! All my kids are progressing in their studies. We are catching issues (learning styles/not getting it) early and re-directing. I'm just so grateful the Lord has seen fit to bless me with the stamina to keep up with these 4 chillins. I thought running after 4 toddlers was hard!

I also have been wrestling/struggling and assessing with personal feelings about situations/family and mostly self. I just don't feel my blog/FB is the place to express such tender feelings.. So the desire/information and inspiration just hasn't been there.

I'm going to work really hard to do better. Mostly so my kids can have a journal. I also like seeing how I've grown in perspective. Since I started this blog, I was the tallest and there was a lot of crying and basic "don't hit"..'s occurring.

Thank you to those who noticed I was gone. Thank you for the inspiration. ;)

Christmas morning pictures to come!!! :)


Mindy said...

I read your blog. :) I've been slacking with my personal blog too. Sorry about your wrestling/struggling/assessing/family/situations/etc. I totally understand.

Nici said...

Well I've missed ya! WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO SPOKANE???? Don't forget what an amazing woman you are. You are too hard on yourself!!! Love you.

SADACAD said...

YOU'RE HOMESCHOOLING?!? Wow! I am pretty sure I couldn't do that. My kids used to beg for it, but I think it's because they know that they could wear me down and do whatever they wanted, so I nipped that one in the bud! Good luck! I know your kids mean everything to you. This is just one more bucket of love you've dumped on them :). You're awesome!

Gretchen said...

WoW. Most impressed with the homeschooling! And I hear ya on the inspiration to blog...we are so behind and need to update!

You're such an awesome Mom...homeschooling! Can I get a woot-woot!?


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