Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pffft 2012/13.....2014, welcome!

Where to start other than the proverbial 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'. How cliche that I'm re-dedicating myself to my blog on New Years Eve. (yuck!)

I feel like we've pulled from blogging (unless you're making insane money...or money at all!) and moved to the one liner (sometimes 2) of FB status or instagram pictures, which require little to no form of communication. 

I'm not judging....that's where I've been spending my time. :|

I will admit I've thought of doing a blog post here and there. 2012/13 has been rough for me in the friends/family/feelers department. It ranges from relatives/friends that could give a ratatouille's behind about me or my children/husband or  friends or family making sure we knew we weren't invited to family/friend gathering or to family/friend that is just unaware of how they influence. 

It's also included a self awarness or searching for what I've been creating or destroying. Like I said...it's been full of friend/family/feelers. 

Writing posts has been something I was thinking of however,....it was a choice not to blog so as to not start a war of words. To not be assuming. To not lay it out for the universe to hear. And my BIGGEST reason was being passive aggressive by just blogging it, is not how I roll. I would rather talk with the person and resolve. Or how I unfortunately took care of it....just giving everyone space. Passive Aggressive is probably my biggest pet peeve. (yes, I get the irony of me giving everyone their space)

I read a blog post today, which has literally inspired me to just move forward. It's at living well spending less. She was giving her experience of school/family/stress. She said: 

So there ya go! I'm taking a hard right! I'm going to hopefully create a better tomorrow. I'm nervous about it. I don't have a plan on how to do it, I don't know what the results of others will be....but I know what my goal is, and sometimes that's the hardest part. 

I've also made a self awarness that no one is believing. I am an introvert camouflaging it as an extrovert....makes relationships MUCH harder and confusing, I'm sure, for the other party. That's the hurdle. yay.  (that's for another post)

The names I give will never be the actual names. If I share an experience....there's some anonymity. 

Stay tuned.... it's gonna be good!   


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Lindsey said...

Well, I'm excited to read more! I'm a lover of reading blogs, but atrocious at keeping up on my own. ;-)


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